About The Books

I think about it sometimes. What if there is prison in my future for serving Him? What if I am to die a martyr for Him? What if those moments come and I have to make a choice? I know this, I have to make that choice now, today. I can’t wait till it comes to me. Do you see what I am saying? Whatever God asks, we must do today. We can’t wait. We must keep our lamps trimmed and filled with oil, or we will miss when the bridegroom comes. It happens today. It happens in this moment. Because I know one thing now, the choice your are making today is the choice you’ll make when those moments come. It’s what Jesus said to His disciples, “Pray so that you do not fall into temptation.” And I have to wonder, if Peter had been on His face before God in the garden before Jesus was arrested and not been sleeping, would he have betrayed Jesus three times? When the gun is pointed at my face and I am asked to deny Christ what will my answer be? I know that today I must choose Him, so that tomorrow I’ll choose Him as well. How many wake up calls can we hear? How many messages must God send us to get us to wake up? That is the theme of the books that I’ve written and the books I will write. They are a wake up call. A call to return to the Lord fully and completely. A call today. 72 more times I will raise my voice and cry out a warning, but will anyone hear? It’s time to wake up.

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