Timeline, A New Journey Begins

A few weeks ago, God told me as I was walking with Him that I would be leaving where I am soon and that I was going to leave as I had come, with nothing but the clothes on my back and my phone. Last week He told me that I would be leaving June 4th. I wrestled with Him on this for a few days until finally obeyed and bought my plane ticket. He is calling me deeper into Solitude and further into Obscurity. The remaining books of this series must be written while I am alone with God. There is no other way.

I have enjoyed the past months here, but the time to go is rapidly approaching. God has been speaking so much to me lately of the books I have written and of the ones I will write next. I have just been trying to take it all in.

Tonight, He revealed the whole picture to me: the full Timeline and all the Titles for The Book Of Benjamin Kareth series. I now know when it will be complete and what each book will be named. And I am going to share that with you shortly.

This deeper Solitude has a purpose, a very specific purpose. I have known this purpose since I was 16 years old. When I was 16, I went on a 6-month missions’ trip to Hong Kong, China, Philippines, India, and Thailand. When we entered China, we were riding a train. During this train ride our team leader told us to all go and spend time with God and listen to what He would tell us about our upcoming time in China. So, I went and got alone on my bunk. And God came and met me there, He said, “I am going to show you my love for China.” I wish there were words to fully express spiritual things, but there are not. He took me in that moment high above China where I was standing with Him and looking down on all of China. And then I felt His love… for every single person in that country all at once. I was overwhelmed. And what I did after was run. I ran and ran. I ran hard and fast as far away from God as I could possibly go. I went to the darkest places I could find in life and into the deepest of sins possible. But God followed me always. I had already known I was a prophet since I was a child. I knew I had a huge calling on my life. I wanted nothing to do with any of it. Why?

I figured this out a few years ago while on this current journey of Listening And Obeying God. In that moment, in the train, when God allowed me to feel His overwhelming love for China, it made me so deeply angry. I suffered greatly during my childhood and throughout my teen years. All that unhealed pain and anger was just under the surface of my life. And when God showed me His love for others it caused me to run.

5 years ago, as I sat in the belly of the whale, God broke in and said, “This is finished. Now you are going to Listen And Obey.” And I have.

The Book Of Benjamin Kareth is the expression of my relationship with God to the world. It is my commission from the Father. To awaken the Bride. It is my life’s work. I cannot “see” beyond it. All God has said is that when I write the last word on the last page of the last book I will be rest.

I know this is just the beginning. I must go again. Go out into the unknown. By faith. In trust. With nothing. With God leading the way.

And so, having expressed all that and as I step deeper into Solitude, I give you the full Timeline and the Titles of all the books of The Book Of Benjamin Kareth:

The Timeline Of 100 Books

  • The Book Of Benjamin Kareth was born on August 17th, 2018 and will be completed on October 2nd, 2027.
  • Total Writing Time: Just Over 9 Years (9 Years, 1 Month)
  • I was 36 years and 2 months old when I began to write the series.
  • I will be 45 years and 3 months old when I completes the last book of the series.
  • Total Writing Time: 3,333 Days
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