Hello! My name is Benjamin Potéxaná Kareth and I’ve spent the last 4 1/2 years traveling, writing, and ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ around the United States and across the globe. I am very passionate about listening to and obeying the Living God and sharing my relationship with God with others I meet.

I was raised by pioneer-missionary parents and grew up with 7 siblings as we traveled from country to country, across the globe, from Central America to South Asia. I spent from age 4 until 16 with my family abroad until I left the family to go to college. From 17-36, I lived my own life in the world until God broke into that life and changed everything. I have spent every moment since then seeking to listen and obey God’s leading. It has been quite the journey so far.

I am currently abiding in Solitude and abiding in Obscurity while I complete The Book Of Benjamin Kareth. I am living in faith that God will continue to provide for my physical, spiritual, and financial needs.

I have already published 28 books in The Book Of Benjamin Kareth.

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