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Completing a 100-part book series is a massive undertaking and I could use your help to finish it!

NOTE: There is currently no compensation for contributors, only credits are provided. Any contributions are considered donations.

Current Ways To Support The Series:

In Prayer:

Prayer is the only way this book series will be completed. Join me in prayer that God’s will would be accomplished through this book series in the earth. As I write this series I am praying daily at specific times: 7am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, and 7pm. 6 days a week. Why not join me in prayer for this series at one of those times. After each of my prayer times I sit to listen to God and work on a specific book.


Another way to support the series is to read the books or listen to the audio books and provide ratings and reviews. This encourages others to read or listen as well and gets the message of the series out to more people. You can find the paperback, hardcover, and kindle versions of the book series on

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You can find the audio books here:

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You can also follow Benjamin Kareth’s author profile on Amazon to keep updates as new books are released:

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This is a massive undertaking and I am working full-time to complete the writing of this book series believing by faith that God will provide all I need to do so. If you feel led by the Lord to contribute something financially to the completion of The Book Of Benjamin Kareth you can do so at the follow sites:

GoFundMe (Funds Available Within Days)

Or Through:

Modern Day (Tax Deductible Receipts)

Current Ways To Contribute:

Write A Foreword:

Would you like to read one of the books and then write a Foreword (Introduction) for the book? Check out the Foreword Information Page Here:

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Share A Testimony Or Review:

I love hearing what God is doing in and through this book series. If you’d like to contribute by telling others what you think or what God has done in you through this book series, submit one via this form:

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